Monthly Update – Issue #1

Welcome to the very first issue of our monthly Wiki update! This ongoing publication will be an expose on the past, present, and future happenings of the Wiki community. From this issue forward, we’ll check in with you during the first week of each month to keep everyone up to date and educated on anything worth knowing. With that introduction out of the way, let’s get down to business.

The Past


We successfully concluded our recruitment drive for a late-night chat moderator last week with a new record of 20+ applications on the first day. After much internal review, the team has selected Kit and Revenant for the trial mod positions. Thanks to everyone who applied, it was a great showing.


Due to planned changes with our Discord server, we’ve made some modifications to a handful of the old, colored chat roles. Your old role might have been removed so if you’d like a new color for your name, see the updated listing in the #rules page and contact an admin/mod for the assignment.

The Present


As of today, the site has been moved out of beta testing into full release. Rather than a formal, grand release of the site, we’ve spent the last few months making changes and fixing bugs until we were satisfied with the state of things. Most major changes have been finalized so if we’ve done things right the only real change you’ll notice is the updated main page logo.


To coincide with the full release, the front page of the site has been updated and custom fitted for our non-Wikia space. Improvements include faster load times, better scaling compatibility, and less resource usage on the server. The old style “Contents” boxes will be replaced in time but all other segments are fully functional.


Our final, major change with full release was the upgrade of our MediaWiki instance from version 1.28 to the newer version 1.29. The changelog can be found here.

The Future


Due to some unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances, the release of some materials planned for C92 have been delayed to this December at C93. To compensate, short form materials will be released in their place.

Publications set for release at Comiket 92 (August 2017)

Succubus Notebook
Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide – Side 1.5: Wilmarina’s Honeymoon
Monster Girl Encyclopedia Damage Report – Case: Automaton
Ms. Sayaka is my Demon Boss!
Recorded Monster Girl Encounter – Case: Dragon*
Monster Girl Encyclopedia Damage Report: Case – Demon (Reprint)

Publications delayed to Comiket 93 (December 2017)

Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide III: Sabbath Grimoire
Monster Girl Encyclopedia World Guide – Side II
Unnamed story book (Strange)
Harem of Collar
Another Story of Fallen Maidens II: Lescatie Infiltration Report

*While Case: Dragon is set for release at C92, progress of production is uncertain and it may not be finished in time for it’s sale date of August 13th.


With the official release of the wiki, we’ve hit most of our stability and extension goals so going forward, we’ll be able to focus on more user requested features. At the top of that list are two new CSS themes, one dark mode for late night browsing and one that mimics closely the tan and burgundy theme of the original Wikia website.

That’s all for now, be sure to keep your eyes open for next month’s issue. For the latest updates on the Wiki, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, hop into our Discord to chat, and check out our Steam group if you’re looking for others to play with.


Admin and chief operator of the MGE Wiki website as well as our Wikia sister site. All girls are the best girls.

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