Updated Branding

With the addition of this new blog site to the MGE Wiki community, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to update some of the old. MGE Wiki branding on both the website and our social media platforms.

New Icon – Preserving a Classic

We’ve given the classic Wiki heart a new look: a deep pink-purple gradient with it’s well-known silhouette preserved for all. This change has already been made and if you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or are a member of our Discord server, you might have noticed the change already.

Over the years, the Prisoner Fruit has become the recognized symbol of our community and we’ve preserved it in silhouette form so that new and old users alike can continue to identify it going forward.

New Social Media Headers

Along with a new icon, we’ve added brand new headers to our social media pages. These new headers reflect a drive to unify the Wiki’s presentation cross-platform so that the community knows what to expect when stopping by one of our pages.

Regardless of whether you’re browsing on mobile or desktop, we want you to have the best possible experience and we think these changes will provide that. If you have any comments or want to give us feedback, please do drop by our Discord server and leave a message in our #feedback channel.

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