Introducing the MGE Wiki Blog!

Welcome to the brand-new Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki blog – the best place to get news and updates related to the Wiki and its community!

What’s this all about?

As our community has grown over the years, we’ve had a greater and greater need for ways to share information with users in a format that is easy to read, easy to find, and tailored to their interests. As writing the Monthly Update series on the wiki was becoming tedious due to formatting efforts, we have taken the plunge and established our own WordPress instance as a branch of the main site.

While our focus here will largely be on the Wiki and it’s surrounding community, this is great opportunity to make use of a new platform to share with and collaborate on ideas in the general monster girl sphere. Along with the monthly updates, we will be hosting early previews for upcoming media releases while encouraging the addition of community driven content.

Write for the Blog!

Interested in getting you and/or your work out to the public? With the establishment of this blog as a Wiki community hub, this represents a perfect opportunity for users to submit their own editorial pieces to be viewed by thousands of people every month!

Editorial Criteria
  1. No roleplay or fanfiction: While we love seeing users engage in creative arts, roleplay and fanfiction are best kept on the Wikia sister site or in our Discord server.
  2. Focused on monster girls: We will always be a community dedicated to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series but that doesn’t mean we need to shun all types of monster girl media. As long as it features monster girls at it’s core, it’s a good enough to submit for a review.
  3. Your own work: Any work submitted for review should be wholly your own as copying another person’s work then claiming credit for it is plagiarism and will be handled accordingly.

Examples of potential editorial pieces include:

  • Opinions on hot topics within the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world like the presence of the Order or corruption of humans into monsters.
  • Development updates for a new monster girl game you or your team are in the process of developing.
  • Advertisement for your own monster girl filled world, made either by yourself or with the help of a growing community.
  • Product reviews for Monster Girl Encyclopedia media like the upcoming “Monster Girl Encyclopedia 2” from Seven Seas Entertainment.

There’s a large variety of topics available to anyone interested!

Once you’ve written your piece and would like to submit it for review, contact Jekkers on the Discord server or send him a message on Twitter. Once any edits or changes are made, you’ll be given your own account on the blog and can submit your work, under your own name with custom tags, titles, and images.


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