Monster Girl Encyclopedia 2 – Exclusive Giveaway and Unboxing (Closed)

Update (26 Sept. 2017): The contest has closed and a winner has been selected – thanks to everyone who participated!

Update 2 (31 Oct. 2017): Congratulations to Twitter user @xFresh11 for winning the giveaway!

The MGE Wiki, in partnership with Seven Seas Entertainment, is proud to bring you an exclusive, early unboxing and giveaway of Monster Girl Encyclopedia 2. We’ll be examining the book and documenting all the steps along the way to give everyone an insight into what you can expect from your copy of this awesome book. If you’re just here for the contest, you can find more info at the link on the bottom of this article!

We’re also pleased to announce the new (And hopefully final!) release date for the book: September 26th, 2017

That’s only 2 weeks from now so make sure to secure your pre-order if you want your copy delivered on time. For more information and a list of retailers, check out

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Standing at nearly 6 inches (152 mm) wide and more than 8 inches (203 mm) tall, this isn’t your typical hardcover manga volume. With a total of 240-pages, you can also expect it to come with a few extra ounces, adding to the book’s considerable stature.

Having handled it for a few hours now, I was thoroughly impressed to find high resolution, full-color images on nearly every page. An attractive cover combined with the vibrant inner-graphics easily laid to rest my initial hesitancy towards the $30 price point.

Occupying most of the cover space is an enticing monster girl group shot being led by the voluptuous Demon. Gleaming silver foil highlights both the title and author giving the book an impressive, eye-catching glow. Front to back, the entire book is covered in a beautiful, full-color matte finish that not only looks amazing but, adds a pleasant, tactile sensation.

Following up that group shot is a back side dominated by the Kraken – nearly covering the entire length of the book! Given how tall the book is, it’s impressive to see Seven Seas Entertainment going all the way to deliver a full-scale, eye candy print.

This book’s girth is very apparent when you take a look at it from the top but the fact that it stands upright without support is credit to the hardcover shell binding this hunk of paper together. Every page inside is adorned with tasteful corner vignettes, complementing the vividly colored profile pages and bonus images included with nearly every entry.

Not to be forgotten, the spine is once again adorned with that shimmering foil title and lovingly topped with a portrait of our favorite Demon model. At the bottom, we see the Seven Seas Entertainment logo in trim and subtle fashion, only present on the spine itself. Props to them for taking the classy route and not obscuring any of this book’s lovely artwork with an obnoxious logo on every face.

To cap us off, here’s a few extra shots further highlighting the stylish foil titles, vibrant illustrations, and considerable bulk that you can expect to see when this thing lands in your mailbox.


Hopefully all of you enjoyed that delicious sneak peek because there’s more where that came from! We’ve got an entire book’s worth of material to cover inside so keep your eyes peeled for more from us in the future.

Follow the link below to enter for a chance to win!

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