A Call to Arms! The Wiki Joins Patreon


You’ve read that right – the MGE Wiki is now on Patreon!

Since our migration from Wikia to a custom built MediaWiki instance back in October of 2016, costs have been covered entirely out-of-pocket by the administrators. While we would love to support the site like this forever, the reality is that our catalog of more than 360 articles and 8,500 images isn’t free and real life has a way of messing with your plans.

Why join Patreon now?

Single support worked well for a long time but, our partnership with Seven Seas Entertainment led to a ton of positive growth and exposure for our community – growth that’s required us to step up our hosting game to match increased user load. 

In order to help alleviate the burden that an endeavor like the Wiki can bring, we’ve decided to open up a Patreon so that the most dedicated users and fans of our community can support what they love and receive some sweet rewards in return!

What is my contribution being used for?

Your contributions will be put directly towards covering the cost of maintaining the mgewiki.com website including:

  • Annual domain registration fees
  • Monthly hosting costs
  • Drive storage add-on fees
  • Bandwidth cap charges
  • Potential data overage fees
  • Storage and maintenance costs of backups

As the community grows, it will eventually necessitate purchase into higher tiers of hosting to match our technical needs for things like:

  • Greater bandwidth requirements
  • Greater RAM requirements
  • Increased CPU coverage
  • Extension development
  • Control panel tooling and access

… just to name a few!

The Wiki is still free though – right?

Of course! All of the Wiki’s content is accessible to anyone, regardless of whether or not you support us here on Patreon. We’re intent on never locking any open content behind a paywall and we intend to keep it that way forever. Even if you want to support us but can’t contribute, we’re still happy to have every single one of you here in our community!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why open the Patreon right now?

We registered and began working on the wiki back in October of 2016 which meant that for nearly 6 months, we were silently developing it and continuing to pay for it ourselves which was fine. Our public launch went over very well and both me and Mauller continued to pay for the site and server costs ourselves because it was within a reasonably affordable range.

September of this year we ran a cross promotion with Seven Sea Entertainment, the English licensers of MGE which caused a huge spike of growth and nearly double our monthly page hits (about 2 million). While the increase in viewership is awesome for the community, it also comes with it’s own costs – mainly in increased processing speeds and more storage space. We host more than 8,500 images on the site’s galleries and all of those take up a lot of space.

The timing is entirely due to the fact that the site is growing every month and that means so are it’s costs. Patreon is a good solution to give users who love the site a chance to support it. If you don’t want to support us or you don’t like the site, that’s 100% fine. You can still browse freely and enjoy the Discord.

How much does it actually cost to host the website?

Our current package plus add-ons is about $45 dollars a month, with some overage charges making that go into $60-70. Domain registration fees and WHOIS protection runs about $15 a year. The total cost at the end of the year is usually around $550-$650.

If you’re interested in supporting us, you can contribute directly to our Patreon page here! If you want to support us but don’t have the funds, no worries – drop by our Discord and offer a word of encouragement to your fellow user. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well for all the latest news and updates for everything concerning MGE and the Wiki!

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